I would love to share with you how I save money on traveling, trip itineraries and fun destinations. I will share our funny and crazy travel stories and I hope to inspire you to travel more and enjoy your travels with friends and family.

Have you ever been on a vacation and the unthinkable happens?  You forgot to bring your passport when flying into another country but they still let you in?   Have you ever missed your train and then had to hide in the bathroom to avoid being forced to  purchase new tickets?  Have you ever drove up a steep, long and winding road with a 30 foot pull behind camper and come to a small wooden bridge that says No trailers allowed and you are unable to turn around?  These are just 3 stories that have happened to me or my extended family in the last 3 weeks.  At the time these storied may have caused stress, but what makes a vacation memorable are these stories.  We will be able to laugh and think back on them and be grateful we figured it out.  The most important part is not letting them ruin your vacation.  When something unexpected happens, take a deep breath and know that it will work out.   I would love to hear of other vacation and travel stories. Please comment on my page. Happy Travels~