I am a wife (married 18 years) and a mom to a daughter and 2 teenage sons from a small town in Minnesota, and I am passionate about traveling.  I am a hockey mom, a dance mom and a drive my kids to their lessons mom. I squeeze in my trips between school activities, sports games, work and lessons.

I love to travel with my husband, family and friends, and love to share the discounts and deals that I find.  I can spend hours on the computer researching and planning a trip, and this website is dedicated to sharing information I know and use to plan a vacation, in hopes to inspire others to travel more.

I will share travel planning tips and itineraries so that whether you are planning a trip with your friend, spouse, or family, I will provide information you can use.   I will also share personal  experiences of gratitude that occur when I travel. Travelling is a passion but it is also a gift that we should not take for granted, so I always try to see the positives when things may not go right and cherish all the places and people I meet along the way.

I hope you enjoy this blog and you are able to be inspired to travel a little more, enjoying time spent with friends and family making memories and exploring this beautiful world.  I also hope to inspire you to be thankful for all things in life both big and small.  You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.  and Pinterest

Why I am Thankful

I have always been thankful to travel; for having the time, resources and people to travel with.  I am even more thankful now when not long ago, I did not think I would ever be able to fly again.

One day I suddenly developed a severe anxiety and fear of flying- even though I had been on many flights before.   I was walking onto the plane with my family and out of the blue nearly had a panic attack, and forced myself to not walk off the plane.  Although difficult, I was able to make it through the flight with some help from a mixed drink.  The anxiety continued and I would have panic attacks in small spaces like parking garages, and sitting in the back of cars, so I was sure my flying days were over.   Thankfully, it resolved.  I have no idea exactly how but I am much better and am able to fly again.

More recently,  I went on several trips with undiagnosed autoimmune disease psoriatic arthritis.  Each time I kept pushing myself to go on these trips because I did not want my adventures to end. I was having to get help to get around, and even dressing. When I got to the point where my friend had to help me walk to the bathroom, get out of bed, and even get dressed,  I had resolved to the fact that my traveling days were over and I should be thankful for where I had already gotten to go.

Thankfully, my disease got diagnosed. I changed my diet some and got on the right medication and now I am able to enjoy going places again.
I am thankful for each and every place I visit, both far and near. I am thankful for all the people that make traveling possible.  I am also thankful when my friends and family get to travel. I love hearing about their trips and get very excited to hear their adventures.