Who doesn’t love to eat on vacation?!  I will share with you our Nacho Reviews from places we travel to, favorite recipes we make when we are roadtripping, and any other fun food related information we come across on our adventures.  Be sure to follow me to find out more!


Nacho Reviews


It started over 20 years ago when my college friend and I would go to Plums Bar and Grill near campus because they had the “Best Nachos”.  Since then I have found it interesting that when I order nachos from a restaurant they are so very different every time!  Some have cheese sauce and some have real cheese, some have tomatoes and some have olives.  Some have lettuce, barbecue sauce and jalapenos and others do not.    You just never know what you are going to get.  I am on a mission to explore as many types of nachos I can as I travel.  I will rate them using the following scale:

  1.  Not good, I did not get sick.
  2.  Not good, I won’t order again.
  3. Fair, I may not or may order them again
  4. Fair Plus, I may or may not order them again.
  5. Average, I will eat some of them but not take home the leftovers.
  6. Satisfactory, I will eat most of them and even take home the leftovers.
  7. Good, I would recommend them to my friends.
  8. Good, I would recommend them to my family.
  9. Great, is it wrong to lick the plate?
  10. Excellent, I will be dreaming of these nachos and would take a flight for another bite.


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